High Temperature Sample Cell

Conductivity, the very basic electrochemical measure on any electrinic or ionic conductor, often demands extreme thermal conditions. The wider the thermal range , the most accurate is the result obtained, showing up phase, transitions, changes in the physical-chemical properties or even mechanical variations.

The cell designed and manufactured by Cell Company, is based on more than two decades of professional experience. The Materials used are performing over the whole range from -190 Celsius to + 1200 Celsius, is an unricalled mix of performance and ease-of-use.

Depending upon the heating-cooling system, the cell will span from -190 Celsius to +500 Celsius, or room to +1200 Celsius. Springloaded plates can hold safely even brittle samples, compensating for thermal expansion/shrinking. An accurate gas-flow path surrounds the sample, avoiding possible dead spots; sample temperature monitoring is standard.

The measuring head has low electrical noise and good behavior at higher frequencies, thanks to the short-length design of wiring and accurate shielding; wire-compensation connections are keeping the residual resustance low, in case of highly conductive samples.

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